Halloween decorations at Michaels

Michaels Halloween Decorations

August may have just started, but Halloween season is upon us! First stop on the tour is going to be Michaels, where I show you the 2015 Halloween decorations for sale, which ones you need (and which you probably won’t), and some Halloween craft ideas to get you inspired!

Michaels 2015 Halloween decorations

I can usually count on Michaels for their Halloween variety. Unlike most stores which either go full special effects/haunted house props (like Spirit) or full cutesy fall ‘we don’t do that satan stuff around here’ *cough cough hobbylobby*, Michaels will give me a little of both. So I get to walk around and get inspired with cool ideas, and can easily pass over stuff that isn’t my style.

Halloween Decorations at Michaels

They had a great selection of candles and bottles.  Perfect for some more subtle decorations, maybe for an office or entryway.  Nothing is too big and would fit great on a table or a bookcase!

Halloween Deocrations at Michaels

They had a lot that was ‘witch-themed‘.  I liked the crow pictures and they had some cool skeleton hands, but the witch legs and books I’d pass on.  Plus they had too many glittery objects for me – I don’t care for that!  Too sparkly for goth, and it gets everywhere!  You know what they say about glitter.

Halloween Decorations at Michaels

Now these I can get into!  I know sugar skulls aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m so glad they had some at the store.  They’re bright and colorful and just subtle enough to work year-round.  I love the variety too – statues, nutcrackers, jars, plaques, and pillows!

Halloween Decorations at Michaels

These I would totally pass on.  No offense if you love them – go buy some!  But to me the blood was too haunted house and the silver glitter is – well, I don’t know what.  But it doesn’t work for me!

If you want to see the full album of photos, click here!

My top 3 Halloween decoration buys

So I’m sure you’re dying to know what I purchased, right? Well for the sake of simplicity and budget, here are my top 3 purchases. I snagged these as fast as I could knowing I’d hate to miss out if they went out of stock. So if you’re limited on money or space – try these 3 sure hits!

1. Skull Bottle

Michaels Halloween Decorations Skull Vase

This was my first grab. The bottle looked very tumblr-like, super trendy and hipster. It comes in multiple colors – clear, matte black, purple, and orange. I stuck with clear for a trendy house decor vibe – but if we’re being honest here I am debating going back for the matte black and purple too! The only one that didn’t totally strike my fancy was the orange – only because it was a little TOO Halloweeny and I don’t think it would work year round like the others.

2. Skull Candle

Michaels Halloween Decorations Skull Candle

You can never go wrong with candles. They make your house smell good. They’re functional. And if you don’t like them, just burn them quicker and use them up. 🙂 Candles are an easy choice for home decor because they allow for some trends and personality without looking too messy. Add them to a mantle, end table, or bookshelf for a small piece of treasure hidden about your place!

Michaels had quite a few candles this year but the simple small skull design was by far my favorite. They seemed good quality too with a lot of detail in the skull. They came in black, white, and orange and I knew black was the one for me.

3. Skull Trinket Plate

Michaels Halloween Decorations Skull Plate

Almost as functional as a candle! Perfect for keys, jewelry, or collecting knick knacks in a home. You don’t want too many of these though or it just looks like you don’t wash your dishes.

These dishes at Michaels came in 3 different designs. They had a spider, a ghost, or a skull. I almost went with the spider because I thought I might be overdoing it with the skulls (haha yeah right!) but as with a lot of the other decorations, they almost ran TOO halloweeny and I was worried they wouldn’t translate as year-round decorations.

Halloween craft inspiration ideas

Love to make your own decorations?  Want to try your hand at a project this weekend?  Well of course Michaels will help with that.  I mean, it’s what they do.  Here’s what I saw in the Halloween decorations at Michaels to DIY:

Halloween Decorations at Michaels

They had a ton of little wooden decorations for painting.  Spiders, bats, pumpkins, sugar skulls – you name it!  I liked the hanging plaques and the candle holders the best.

Halloween Decorations at Michaels

The motherload of DIY Halloween decorations.  The isle was full of skeleton parts of all shapes and sizes.  And it was all soft light material that could easily be painted, cut, glued, or whatever!  Pinterest gave me some great ideas on what to do with them.  Check these out below!


Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decor


See my Pinterest Board for even more halloween decoration ideas!

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