May was a great month for me. The weather turned nicer. I had more light in the day to get stuff done. And was feeling bright and cheery from it being spring!
Here are some of the things I loved in May:

  • My trip to Port Aransas – We recently took a quick weekend trip to the beach over Memorial Day weekend. It was a perfect way to celebrate the 3 day weekend! I got to enjoy the sunshine, the warm water, and delicious food. Port A is such a fun little sleepy seaside town, filled with little shops and restaurants. It was such fun!  I put the video below for you to see!
  • My new Line a Day Journal – I got a new One Line a Day Journal off of Amazon. It’s a 5 Year memory book that only really allows for a couple of sentences for each day. It’s gotten me into a great habit of remembering happy things that happened every day. It’s been great to look back and have rosy memories when I’m feeling gloomy.
  • Grilled foods! Now that the weather is nice and spring like, we’ve been enjoying the grill. Lots of delicious fresh foods that have a great flavor! Plus less cleanup than the stove.
  • SUP boarding on town lake – I hope to do more of this as summer goes on. But I’m happy to say it’s only May and I’ve already been twice this year! The weather was perfect, the water was nice and cool. It’s a great way to get some sunshine, enjoy the lake water, and throw back a few beers.
  • 311 on Pandora. This station has been my go to now that it’s turning warm out. It’s got the perfect sunny weather California vibes. Lots of reggae, lots of ska, and a fun mellow vibe perfect for relaxing by the water!
  • Amazon Instant Prime video – I just figured out that my Prime account includes some free movies. I’m sure I’m behind the times with this but I’ve been loving it! I’ve been loving the new variety to my Netflix account. So I’ve been watching lots of horror movies lately!
  • Finished a Tee Shirt Design – I’m excited to share this with you guys, but it’s not quite ready yet! I worked with a local printer to get a limited edition t-shirt run created with my original artwork on it. Stay tuned to learn more!  Edit: It’s finished guys!  Go see my Death Moth T-Shirt!
  • Working from home (by the pool) – So my amazing job lets me work from home every Wednesday. So why is it on my favorites for May? Now that the weather is nice (and thanks to wifi) working from home becomes working from the pool! I get to sit outside and enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful scenery one day a week. It’s a nice break from cubicle life.
  • 3D Printing – I’ve had the opportunity to play with a 3d printer this month and it was amazing! It opens a lot of doors as far as creative functional pieces to use my designs for. I’m definitely thinking of purchasing one if I can think of stuff to make with it!
  • Watching vlogs on YouTube. Always a source of entertainment and inspiration, I love watching youtube videos. Lately I’ve been really into vlogs showing people doing spring cleaning, moving, organizing. It’s been motivating! I guess it has to do with the spring season.

That’s my list of favorite things this May. I’m excited for the months ahead and all the great summer things I have planned. I hope to do more videos for you all on YouTube and create some fun projects! I hope you all had a great month – what was your favorite thing about May?

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