Personal development fans? Type A girls who need that structure in their life? These are our tribe – our planner babes. We love a good checklist and want the creativity to style and design to our heart’s content. 

That’s why I’ve compiled 5 different planners that feature very different planning styles, so you can find the perfect one for you.

What are planners used for?

Planners are used for pretty much anything and everything you can think of. Personal, professional, health, home – you name it. If you’re looking for some structure, routine, or growth in any of those areas, a planner gives you the stage to strategize, plan, and execute easier!

Now, depending on your goals, your style, and your time commitment – there are some planners that you are going to enjoy more than others. That’s why it’s important to first sit down and identify your goals and communication style. This will help set you up for success and keep you motivated to plan!

5 Planners to Try

HappyPlanner or Recollections Planner. These planners are easy to find and low cost, so they’re great for beginners. You can find them online, at local craft stores, and even big department stores. They come in vertical (skinny columns for checklists) or horizontal (wide for writing longer sentences) versions. They also come with lots of blank space and sticker packs for creative folks who don’t want to do the art themselves. Who are they great for? Beginners or fans of stickers! The templates are basic which allows you to be flexible in trying styles and activities. Pre-plan for the week, daily plan, or post plan (called memory planning) – all easy to do with the basic format! Who are they not for? Creative babes that want to do it all themselves, and need the freedom for expression. Also, gals that want more of a bigger picture plan, with annual or larger projects. These planners stick to only monthly and weekly templates. 

A HP weekly spread example

Erin Condren Planner. These planners are a more expensive version of the HP. They offer the same monthly and weekly format – which is great because the stickers work in both! They come at a pricey penny though, so if you’re going to try one out I encourage you to grab a coupon code online. The one feature they offer above a HP is the customizable notebook. Change colors, add a name, and pick a style that fits you best. 

A Erin Condren weekly spread example

Travelers Notebook. These journals are the most flexible in their intended use, so they’re great for advanced planners or girls who are really free in their expression. TN’s come in a few different sizes, and the key feature is the elastic bands in the middle – these are what hold your notebook inserts. You can buy or make as many you’d like – no limits! I recommend checking out Etsy for some beautiful printable versions to get started. Who are they great for? Artist or journaler types who want blank pages for their minds to wander. Or advanced planners that really need more functionality than a basic planner provides. (Maybe you want monthly, weekly, daily, AND a budget planner? No prob, customize your TN as you see fit). Who are they not great for? Girls just discovering their style or those that struggle with ideas for usage.

An example of a Traveler's notebook spread.

BUJO. These guys often go hand in hand with a Traveler’s notebook. BUJO (or Bullet Journal) is a bound notebook of dotted paper. In between a TN and regular planner – it offers the flexibility of blank pages, along with the immediate ready to use of a bound notebook. Perfect for planners who want more creativity and art, along with the freedom of coming up with their own layouts. TIP: Get on Pinterest or Instagram for layout ideas – the bullet journal community is huge over there!

A Bullet Journal spread example

HOBONICHI. This guy is the newest on the market. The Hobonichi (or Hobo) is a very small bound planner that provides a light weekly template along with a blank page for more creativity. People are loving the compactable size, and more and more sticker kits are popping up for artistic spreads. These are perfect for girls who don’t want something big and bulky like a Happy Planner but really enjoy the weekly layout. 

A Hobonichi weekly spread example


I only briefly touched on 5 different planners for you to try; but hopefully, it gives you an idea of where to start. Take some time to think about how much structure vs freedom you want in your pages – how much original art vs stickers you’d like to use, and how portable vs writing space is important. Then grab a planner and go make things happen in your future!

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