One of my favorite inspirations is Kat Von D. She has a great sense of style and creativity. She appreciates the darker side of art like I do as well.

A little about Kat Von D

Kat’s full name is Katherine Von Drachenberg. Both her parents are Argentinian, and she was born in Mexico. She moved to America when she was 4. Kat’s eclectic roots provide a glimpse into her unique style and perspective on life!

She loves heavy metal, goes to the movies all the time, and is an excellent piano player. She received most of her fame from her excellent tattoo skills. It’s landed her shops, TV shows, and a list of famous clientele.

More recently she has been an avid beauty ambassador with her own makeup line. Specializing in vegan and cruelty-free products. She’s passionate about it and is quite the ambassador!

I went on a hunt to learn more about her favorite styles of art and what she looks for in artwork. In my quest, I came across her YouTube Channel (LINK). She has an active channel where she talks about different things that she’s passionate about. The videos include fashion, makeup, music, and life.

In fact, she has two videos where she talks about her favorite art! One she goes into her favorite paintings in her home and one where she talks about her favorite handmade items.

It was awesome to get a glimpse into her favorite pieces of art and see what draws her to certain pieces. She is a talented artist and has her own paintings hanging in her house as well. I feel like I learned a lot about her and her style. I also think I found a few new artists to enjoy myself!

Here are 7 of the favorite pieces listed by Kat herself on her channel

Kat Von D Favorite Art Pieces1 – Kevin Llewellyn “Portrait of Ludwig”. This painting is actually of one of Kat Von D’s cats! It’s oil on wood. I think it might have been a commission piece? I’m not sure, but I couldn’t find any other pictures of it online. This one is screenshotted from the YouTube video.

It’s a beautiful painting with rich reds and deep dark shadows. The composition includes:

  • a sphynx cat (Kat’s!)
  • a Beethoven bust (which Kat has often talked about how much she’s obsessed with his music)
  • a baby skeleton
  • and various glass jars

It’s hung in a thick black wooden frame. I love the victorian style. It’s moody and emotional.

Kat Von D Favorite Art Skull Study2 – Camila Rocha “skull study”. Kat met Camila when she started tattooing at her shop. Camila gave Kat her first oil painting as a way to say ‘thank you for the opportunity’.

It’s a simple oil painting of a realistic skull faded into a dark black background. The structure is soft with subtle shadows in the form and muted colors in the skull.

Kat-Von-D-Favorite-Art-Bec-Winnel3 – Bec Winnel “contemplation”. Beautiful, romantic, and dark. Some of Kat Von D’s favorite things in any artwork (mine too.). She also loves the detail in such a small tiny painting.

It’s a small delicate painting of a girl in a blue dress, looking at a string or perhaps beads in her hand. Off to the right is a hummingbird or moth of some kind. The colors have a muted feel, with lots of deep shadows and her legs fading into the dark. Yet we feel a sense of luminescence from her dress and her face. The colors seem so light that they pop against the dark background. The way she looks downward with no real expression on her face makes it hauntingly beautiful.

Kat Von D Favorite Art Pieces4 – Her favorite painting, and also the largest, is also by Kevin Llewellyn “Lacrimosa”. It’s the largest painting he’s ever done. She would go visit him at his studio while he painted this piece and got to see it progress from start to finish.

It’s a beautiful painting that portrays his gothic sensibilities perfectly. It consists of 3 children in dresses holding toys, with skulls for faces. The girls are in a room surrounded by piles of dark fabric. Off to the side is a nude woman with a mask over her face. Even further than her is a bleak dollhouse.

The whole painting is muted, with hardly any colors coming through. There are dark shadows surrounding the figures and it’s hard to make out much of the shadows. There is lots of tiny detail in the skull faces and the children’s attire and toys. The piece is bleak and dark.

Kat Von D Favorite Art ReAcoustic5 – She has an iPod dock made from an acoustic phonograph horn. It’s from an Etsy store called ReAcoustic. It’s one of her more functional pieces of art, but it’s definitely art none the less! It uses an old metal phonograph with a natural wooden block to amplify the sound coming from the device. It perfectly mixes the old style and technology of the past with the modern sleek devices used today.

Kat Von D Favorite Art Steamed Glass6 – She has a lovely little terrarium in a light bulb that comes from Etsy shop Steamed Glass. Terrariums are some of my favorite things as well. It’s like having your own little universe hidden away in its own space. This terrarium combines the living beauty of the plants with the cold industrial style of copper and glass. I love how it balances both feelings out equally, causing you to question your response to seeing it.


7 -One of the more eccentric items she loves is a custom made doorbell from artist Brian Poor. When you ring the bell a little eyeball opens and looks around!

This doorbell is a perfect combination of cute and eerie. Using metal to make a moveable eye gives a strange sense of familiarity with the unknown. I love the idea!


All the artwork Kat Von D shows explores the idea of beauty and romanticism in dark, unusual places. It’s wonderful to appreciate the dual nature of beauty/horror. I am glad she enjoys that art style! To put beautiful figures in a dark shadowy setting makes it more mysterious. To contrast the life of nature with the hard material of steel and glass creates an unusual style.

I love finding people that appreciate the duality of nature and explore the dark side of beauty. I am so glad I got an insight into Kat Von D’s favorite art pieces! Thank you for sharing them with me!

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