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Free Printable Be Your Own Hero

Do you know what inspired today's free printable?  The other day I sat in my apartment and thought about throwing a temper tantrum.  Yup. I mean, a legit "cry and kick and refuse to participate in life" kind of tantrum. Why? Because my car needed new tires. Don’t...

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7 Favorite Art Pieces of Kat Von D

One of my favorite inspirations is Kat Von D. She has a great sense of style and creativity. She appreciates the darker side of art like I do as well. A little about Kat Von D Kat’s full name is Katherine Von Drachenberg. Both her parents are Argentinian, and she was...

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An Ancient Octopus Design

<img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" src="" /> I feel a connection to this ancient octopus design because the ocean is a part of my soul. I lived by the ocean as a child. Some...

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Summer Bucket List

I love the summer time. I get a break from the dark and cold winter months and have longer days, warmer nights, and lots of sunshine to enjoy the outdoors. It feels like a time to celebrate. It almost feels like a chance to start again. Now that it’s march the weather...

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Upcoming Art Show RAWArtist Austin

I'm proud to announce that I'll be apart of the upcoming art show RAWartist Austin! RAW is a national organization devoted to providing local artists exposure and opportunities to cultivate their work.  They host events to showcase indie talent in film, fashion...

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Artistic Inspirations: Pop Art

Artists get inspired by so many things - I know I do. Browsing photos online, watching movies, seeing other artists create their work - it’s all so wonderful and gives me ideas, motivation, and determination that anything can be accomplished. Today we’re going to...

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