How do I find inspiration for my products?

As an artist and creator staying inspired and coming up with ideas is an important part of my daily life.

Looking for inspiration in everything I do is important, but also fun.

These new interesting approaches to life, art, style – they all give me a fresh perspective on the world and make me want to create things.

It’s a win win in my book.

As most of you know movies are my number one source of inspiration.

Luckily I have Amazon Prime to watch thousands of free movies every week.

I thought I would share my most recent watches and my thoughts about them – in case you wanted to check out some work, get inspired and perhaps create some stuff too.

So today we begin episode 1 of my horror movie watches and inspiration!

Grindstone Road, 2008

Grindstone Road horror movieThis 2008 gem was just fun to watch. It was so early 2000s and it just brought me nostalgia. The style, the clothing, the phones that they use – it just brought me back to when I was in that time frame.

The plot itself was completely standard.

Woman has a tragic event, woman moves into an old house because she’s somehow drawn to it, wouldn’t you know it – ghosts live there.

It has the added mastalgia benefit of the main actress being Fairuza Balk – you probably know her from her iconic role in The Craft. Duh. She’s everyone’s favorite bitch witch!

If you’re interested in some run-of-the-mill ghost stories with your teen witch from The Craft I highly recommended it – free on Amazon Prime! Check out Grindstone Road on Amazon Prime.

It got me in the mood for some haunted house drawings. I love old spooky homes and I’m excited to draw and design some haunted places now!

Macabre, 1983

Macabre horror movieOne of my favorite Horror movie subgenres is just strange and unusual Italian flicks from the 70s and 80s. They are so fun and inspiring to me just because they’re so surreal and they do the perfect combination of pretty and gross (you know what I mean).

This one was a ton of fun. It’s from 1983 so it has that Lo-Fi not great film quality – which I actually find even more aesthetically pleasing to watch.

The plot is so surreal it speaks to the whole movie. A woman’s lover and child dies and she returns from a mental institution to a small apartment. Her landlord is a blind man who starts to suspect that she’s having an affair. Or maybe she’s crazy?

I seriously can’t even give you more info without giving any of it away, but know that it is bizarre, over the top, pretty to watch, and just plain fun and crazy.

Give it to go if you’re into 80s or Italian bizarre flicks! Seriously worth grabbing Macabre on Amazon Prime!

It inspires me to create ‘cute but spooky’ art. I don’t typically draw women but everytime I watch an italian horror flick I want to try. I need to practice these more!

Survive the Hollow Shoals, 2018

hollow-shoalsThe last one I watched this week was called Survive the Hollow Shoals. It was a standard Blair Witch inspired flick from 2018. The main actor Zach Weiland basically is the only actor in the whole movie ; so he does a good job at carrying an hour and a half worth of content without you getting bored of him.

The plot is totally predictable. Survivalist guy goes into the woods to see how long he can be alone – but it turns out he’s not alone because something evil in the woods!

It was a bit slow and it dragged on a little at the end but it had some nice spooky forest visuals which I appreciate. I get really inspired by spooky forests! In fact, I made spooky trees planner stickers because I think they’re so cool!

If you’re into Blair Witch style movies, found-footage flicks, and witches is in the woods, I’d say give it a go. It’s free on prime and only 2.99 for the DVD – totally worth it in my opinion. Grab Survive the Hollow Shoals on Amazon.

Wrapping Up My Recent Horror Movie Watches

These are the three movies that I watch this weekend that keep me motivated and inspired to create the art that I love. Movies are my number one go-to to get those creative juices flowing and I’m happy to share the movies that I watch on a regular basis with you all.

Hopefully, you can take some inspiration as well and perhaps find some movies for you to watch this week.

Make sure to check out my Instagram because any of my sketches that come from these movies are always posted there!

Cheers and happy movie watching!

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