It’s the time of year that everyone you know is announcing their New Year Resolutions on Facebook. You want to get in on the action but not with the standard ‘lose 10 pounds’ or ‘don’t use your credit card anymore’ type of statements. You’re looking to branch out and expand your creative side! You want to work on your craft! Find new passions, or develop your current ones! You want to make more DIY’s! Well here are the best creative type new years resolutions for artists and crafters around.

Artists Sketchbook

Doodles at the office are great for productivity.

1.  Use that sketchbook!

A great resolution for artists, illustrators, and designers, is to use their sketchbook more frequently. Give yourself a goal. Daily Sketches? One a week? Think about how much time you’re willing to devote and set yourself a target. More sketching is great for expanding your creative ideas, thinking outside the box, and working on your technical skill. Plus it’s amazing to compile all the sketches at the end of the year to come up with a year in review.
New Years Resolutions For Artists

2.  Set aside some time.

This new year’s resolution is perfect for any artist, crafter, or DIYer who is balancing their love with their other life obligations. Too often we have real life issues that can’t be neglected – like work, cleaning, or taking care of family. However often we let our hobbies slide much further down the priority scale than we’d like. Often we put it aside and find ourselves going weeks or months without practice. Think about all the responsibilities you have and how much free time you can devote to your hobby. Then create a plan, say 1 hour a week, and go for it! By creating an appointment for yourself you’re less likely to blow it off. And in one year your skill will have advanced more than you thought!

Artists Supplies

Hoarding: Artist edition

3.  Think outside the box.

For those who are simply looking to stay creative, or maybe looking to expand their creativity – this resolution provides the perfect amount of flexibility. Adding something new and creative to your day (for example, think of a story or come up with a new route home from work) keeps you active and thinking outside the box. By keeping ideas coming and staying aware of different possibilities, you can easily expand that creativity into whatever passions you want to pursue. This New Year’s resolution is perfect for DIYers. Keep a little notebook and come up with one item a day that you might DIY instead. They may not all make it to reality – but it’s good practice!

New Year's Resolutions for Artists

Your friends always love you

4.  Be more active in your creative community.

If you are looking to expand your relationships in your creative fields, think about setting a goal related to your art, craft, or DIY community. Maybe set a resolution to attend a class once a month, or join a local co op. Feeling a little shy? Or maybe worried you don’t have a good community close by? Don’t worry! Find an online art community to participate in! Wet Canvas is one of my favorite active online communities for artists. And Craftsers has a ton of active particiapants sharing ideas. Make a New Year’s Resolution to become active in the online community, maybe set a goal of leaving one new comment a week. Pinterest is a great community for DIYers. Create group boards, comment on other pins, and create friendships with other DIYers. Your creative relationships will grow, you’ll meet new people, and perhaps get inspired by sharing new ideas!

5.  Help others create.

In a similar vein as participating in your community, maybe a good New Year’s Resolution for you is to inspire others to create. You could offer to teach a local workshop, or host a meetup related to your hobby. Even offer to answer other people’s questions or help guide them in online art or craft communities. Can’t make it to an event? You could always reach out online. Start a blog or social media account to teach others how to create crafts and DIY projects. By helping to inspire others, you are giving back the art community!

Artist in a Gallery

Needs more cherubs.

6.  See more art.

One of the best ways to branch out and expand your creative side is to see more art! There are a ton of ways you could accomplish this. Maybe set a goal of visiting a museum once a month. Or take note of new interesting street art on your way home from work. You could find a new Facebook or Instagram account devoted to art and see new pictures of inspiration daily! You could set a goal of finding one new artist a month and learning something about them. By seeing new art you expand your ideas and come of with new creative opportunities that you might not have thought of otherwise.

Artists and Crafters Tools

Who even knows what these tools do?!

7.  Learn a new technique.

If you’re learning to expand your technical skill set, there’s no better way but practice. Give yourself a goal of trying one new experiment a month. Or maybe devote an entire year to learning a new skill and practicing every week/month. Every new skill takes time to research how it’s done and many practice sessions before it’s added to your skillset, so don’t by shy. Think of a new technique you’ve always wanted to demonstrate and announce to the world that it will be yours this year!

Resolutions in Review

Those are some of the best creative new years resolutions for artists and other creative types.  The new year always provides people with a fresh start and a new vision to identify what’s important in their lives and where they want to devote their time. This is the perfect time to help grow your creativity and expand your crafts and DIY’s. By the end of the year you’ll have grown your technical skillset, expanded your creative vision, and perhaps forged new relationships with others in your hobby. Sounds much more exciting than the same old ‘lose weight’ and ‘don’t spend money’.

So what are your new year’s resolutions going to be?

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