Red Octopus Print


A limited edition red octopus print.  Features a large red octopus with plenty of tentacles.  Artwork is 3 x 5 inches.

    • Show your style in any room of the home or office
    • Guaranteed unique print – handprinted with traditional Japanese tools
    • Long lasting with traditional Japanese printmaking paper
    • Less hassle with 4 x 6 paper that can be cut to fit smaller frames
    •  Original artwork and craftsmanship by local Austin, TX artist

Remember – this item is handprinted and limited quantities! Order today to make sure you have it soon!

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More about this Red Octopus Print

It’s important to note that this red octopus print listing is for an original piece of art that’s handprinted ink on paper.  This bold red design was created using 100% high-quality ink handprinted onto Japanese paper.  It comes with an artist’s certificate of authenticity and limited edition print number.

More about the Artist

Naked Eye Studio is a team of Artists in Austin, TX.  This print is done by Rea.  She received her Bachelor degree in Art from the University of Washington, where she studied fine art techniques in oil painting, acrylic painting, printmaking, and others.  She has been painting and selling work for over a decade and one of her favorite subject matters is octopus paintings.

Not quite the octopus art you want?

This red octopus print is not quite what you were looking for? Contact me for custom jobs. We can customize paintings and prints in a variety of sizes, colors, or materials. If you have a specific need in mind, let me know and I’ll help you out! The most important part is that you get a piece of art you love and can’t wait to share with people.

Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 6 in


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