I thought we would take a moment today and cover the sketches I created in June. I’m calling it: Sketchook Tour June 2016.  Very clever, right?  It’s a look back into what I was trying to accomplish this month and what ideas I came up with for possible future projects.

The Sketches

Unicorn Sketch

@nakedeyestudio on Instagram

This unicorn sketch was based on a project I accepted to redesign the logo of a friend and fellow YouTuber, Unic0rnpies. You can see the complete process on my upcoming case study. The only clues I were given was that she wanted a unicorn, she loves things goth and cute. After sketching out some ideas I touched base with her to pick a favorite and move it forward!

Demon or Angel Wings Sketch

@nakedeyestudio on Instagram

This sketch was from my brand new sketch journal called 300 Drawing Prompts. I found it on clearance at Barnes and Noble and I just couldn’t resist. I thought it would be a fun challenge to get 300 different prompts and try to come up with something in my style. Since I love things dark and dreary it’s been fun trying to incorporate them into these prompts!

The first prompt was “Angel Wings” and I spent a few hours thinking about it before committing to paper. At first I thought I would do traditional angel wings, but I couldn’t figure out how to give it a gothic touch. Then I thought maybe I would draw the wings on their own as if they had come from a fallen angel. That seemed closer to my style. That train of thought led me to the idea of a fallen angel, who was being taken over by dark forces. I kept that idea in the back of my mind as I took pencil to paper and ended up with the attached version. Not exactly the prompt, but it did make me think outside the box, which is exactly the point of the exercise!

Skull with Yarn Sketch

@nakedeyestudio on Instagram

This was the second concept sketch challenge I did for Free Illustration Friday this month. The challenge word this week was “Yarn” and I immediately thought of a skull all tangled up in yarn.

Knowing this would be a relatively easy concept, I got to work sketching very quickly. The drawing came so quick I had extra time, so I pulled out my inks and markers and threw a little color onto it as well! I liked the way it turned out and felt it gave it a more complete illustration feeling. I could easily see this one becoming a sticker or a patch if I cleaned it up a bit.

Skull in Dr. Seuss Hat Sketch

@nakedeyestudio on Instagram

The second drawing prompt from my 300 Drawing Prompts Book – It was for a Dr. Seuss Hat. This one was much easier than the “Angel Wings” for me. A skull in a hat is super quick to draw and not too challenging from a technical aspect. I had a little extra time so I was able to put some pen and ink on it. I liked all the texture lines and feel like it has a gritty quality to it that offsets the whimsical nature of the Suess hat. I’m happy with it!

Skull with Candles Sketch

@nakedeyestudio on Instagram

This was my favorite sketch of the month. I spent some time coming up with the concept – an old rugged skull with candles melted on top of it. I liked the idea of it being a macabre altar piece or something. I threw in some circle/lines in the back as well. I think I might throw this one into the computer and turn it into a vector piece for a sticker or tee shirt. What would you rather see?

Sketchbook Tour Conclusion

That was my Sketchbook Tour June 2016!  These were my sketches for the month.  A nice assortment of ideas, challenges, and future merch! Hopefully, I can get on a more regular sketching schedule and these monthly sketchbook tours will be a bit more robust. Here’s till the next time!

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