I love the summer time. I get a break from the dark and cold winter months and have longer days, warmer nights, and lots of sunshine to enjoy the outdoors. It feels like a time to celebrate. It almost feels like a chance to start again.

Now that it’s march the weather is turning warmer here in texas and I’m starting to think of my summer ahead! My time ends up being pretty limited due to that whole full-time job thing, so I treat my free time like it’s precious. I already have tons of goals and visions that I see myself accomplishing, from art projects to travel to home improvement. Want to see what I have in store?

What is a summer bucket list?

Bucket lists are basically just a list of things you want to accomplish before a given period. The most common is a bucket list of things you want to do before you die – but they can work on any scale, from a year to a season to even a week!

Why have a summer bucket list?

Motivational speakers talk about how you don’t always have the right moments in life – you have to create the right moments in life. By writing down your goals for any given period of time, you give them power. You stay focused and aware of your goals, which will give you motivation and drive towards accomplishing them.

Often in summertime the days can just fly by and the whole season is over before you know it. How often as a kid did it feel like you turned around and school was just about to start?

Bucket lists also give you more purpose in your days.

My Summer Bucket List: Art

What art goals do I want to accomplish this summer? Tons of course! I want to continue to grow my skillset with weekly drawings. I especially want to draw more outside at the park. I think the change in scenery and fresh air might rejuvenate me and allow more creativity to flow.

Summer Bucket List Item: Art in the Park

Another bucket list item is more videos for my youtube channel. I really love showing people my process, and with the weather getting warmer and brighter it’ll be the perfect opportunity to record some of my painting processes or take a tour of my studio (or lack thereof, I do live in an apartment lol).

The last art related bucket list item this summer is to be a vendor at an art show. I was recently involved in a art exhibition called RAW Austin and it was a blast. I had so much fun meeting other artists and fans of my artwork – I felt so honored! I want to experience a show like that again and this summer is the perfect time to set up a goal for myself.

My Summer Bucket List: Adventure

A huge part of my life is the outdoors. When I’m not creating, I want to be outside exploring. So a huge part of my summer bucket list is going to be adventure.

Summer Bucket List Item: SUP Boarding
I want to spend more time SUP boarding on town lake. It’s a beautiful lake right in the middle of downtown Austin. Spending time on the lake gives you the unique opportunity of enjoying downtown and yet feeling like you’re out in the woods.

Another bucket list item this summer is to go to one of the State Parks. Texas has a huge amount and due to the state’s size you get a huge variety in scenery and activities.

Summer Bucket List Item: Hiking
On my summer bucket list every year is to go to the beach! I love spending some time in the sand and the water. It revitalizes me and gives me inspiration for my creative endeavors. Here’s hoping I get to spend a weekend there!

Summer Bucket List Item: The Beach

My Summer Bucket List: Home

The last area of goals for my summer bucket list revolve around my home life. I take a lot of pride in decorating, cooking, and having a warm, welcoming environment for guests and want to continue to pursue that interest.

My bucket list is going to include a deep clean of the entire apartment, and reorganizing and redecorating the bedroom and living room. I’m very excited about the process and am already collecting pins on my Pinterest account!

Summer Bucket List Item: Summer Party

The other bucket list item for my home is to throw a nice party. Not like everyone-get-drunk-and-break-things kind of party, but a fun everyone-have-a-good-time-and-drink-while-maybe-playing-board-games kind of party. We are grown-ups, after all.


So those are some of my summer bucket list items. I can’t wait to start accomplishing them and hope you all keep me accountable by checking up on me and my progress. Hopefully I can do a follow-up blog at the end of the summer telling you about all my successes!

Do you have a summer bucket list planned? What’s on your list to accomplish? My project for you is to get out some paper and write it down! Make a list of all the fun things you want to accomplish this summer. Then put it up somewhere prominent where you can see it and be inspired by it daily. Here’s to enjoying the summer!

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