It’s that time of year again!  Halloween spirits are high and homes and gardens are looking quite spooky.

More and more people are going to YouTube to post their creative Halloween creations.  It’s a great place to get inspired!  Here are my top 10 Halloween Tutorials on YouTube, broken down into makeup/fashion, food, and decor.  Check them out!

1.  dope2111 – Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial

Promise Phan is the Queen of makeup tutorials!  She can turn herself into anyone.  On YouTube since 2009, she had over 3 million subscribers that love to watch her makeup transformations.  Her Halloween looks are always impressive, and I love how she recreated this Tim Burton character with nothing but the power of makeup!

2. MadeYewLook – Pumpkin King

Lex is a young YouTuber that really knows her special effects.  Making videos since 2011, her videos are almost always creepy or alternative, so they make great Halloween costume ideas!  Her Pumpkin King video was the very first one I watched of hers and was hooked.  Such an impressive, realistic costume job that can be done totally with just makeup!

3.  Glam&Gore – Speak No Evil

Mykie from Glam&Gore is another makeup artist ‘oddball’.  I adore her quirky personality and love how much effort she puts into her videos.  The newest YouTuber on my list, she only started in 2014 but already has a strong following going!  She breaks down her tutorials so nicely, and I love that she goes into special effects DIY’s as well.  Her Speak No Evil look is so creepy and unique, I would love to recreate it.  I can’t wait to see what new videos she comes up with this year!

4. Bonnie Corban SFX – Skull Makeup Tutorial

The first halloween tutorial I’ve ever tried!  Bonnie does a great job at giving you a very simple tutorial for a skull face.  I was able to recreate this look with just black eyeshadow, black liner, and a pale face powder.  So simple!

5.  MyCupcakeAddiction – Halloween Jello Eyes

Elise from MyCupCakeAddiction is absolutely adorable!  She’s been on YouTube since 2011 and makes tons of how to’s and baking tips.  She does such a great job at making everything look easy, cute, and delicious!  During the halloween season she has tons of spooky treats to try out – I know I love these eyeballs.

6.  Todd’s Kitchen – Broken Glass Cupcakes

Another great YouTuber that focuses on delicious and easy to make recipes.  He’s been making videos since 2011 too and his halloween videos are great ideas for parties.  I love how simple he makes these broken glass cupcakes!  Plus it’s nice that he used pre-bought cupcakes, admitting his less than stellar piping skills. 😉

7.  Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio – Halloween Cake Roll Recipe

Confession time: I’ve always wanted to try a cake roll.  They taste amazing and look so professional!  However they seem terribly intimidating and I’ve always turned down trying it.  Jenn from Cookes, Cupcakes, and Cardio makes it look like I might just be able to accomplish it though.  She’s been making baking videos since 2011 and they’re all so pink and cute and girly I almost can’t stand it!

8.  Grav3yard GirlHalloween Treat Bags

She could be described as the mother of all halloween lovers on YouTube, Bunny (from Grav3yard Girl) always goes all out and her videos are sure to inspire.  She’s been on YouTube since 2010 and is considered a ‘beauty’ guru even though most of her videos aren’t a typical beauty tutorial.  Everything from hauls, recipes, to costume ideas and tutorials – it’s great to find someone with a spooky style to their halloween ideas.  Check out her video on her halloween treat bags to get some ideas on how to be the best house in the neighborhood!

9. Dave HaxHow to Carve Halloween Pumpkins

Dave is a great life hack guru.  He posts How To and Craft videos and has been on YouTube since 2012.  He posts a lot of Halloween related tutorials, and this video gets some his highest views.  He makes them look simple and obtainable, so it’s easy to try something new!

10.  Elle Fowler – Condo Tour

Elle is a well known beauty guru on YouTube that posts the typical hauls, tutorials, and reviews.  She’s been on YT since 2008 and has been quite successful!  While she doesn’t post halloween tutorials on YouTube often, she does do tours and it’s nice to see other peoples ideas of halloween decorations.  It can inspire you to come up with some new ideas of your own!  While her style is very typically feminine and delicate, it was cool to see her go for a ‘scary’ approach to her halloween decor instead of cutesy.

There are tons of great resources out there for Halloween ideas.  What are your favorites?  Also, be sure to check out my last blog where I showed you my favorite Halloween decorations from Michaels!

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