I’m proud to announce that I’ll be apart of the upcoming art show RAWartist Austin!

RAW is a national organization devoted to providing local artists exposure and opportunities to cultivate their work.  They host events to showcase indie talent in film, fashion design, music, performance art, hair and makeup, photography, and visual arts.

Every other month RAW directors hand-pick and spotlight local artist talent in a one-night creative event that proves to be a circus of creativity.

Thursday, March 3rd is one of those events and Naked Eye Studio has been asked to participate!  The upcoming art show RAWartist will be held at the Belmont Austin, in lovely downtown Austin.  Doors open at 7pm and a plethora of artists, musicians, photographers, and designers will get together to showcase their talent, expand their creative network, and get to know their fans.

I think this will be a fun experience to meet other local artists and display some of my favorite paintings.  Come see my latest painting in person and see all that texture up close and personal!

I’m excited to meet other artists and help support their work as well.  Maybe I’ll find some like minded individuals for a collaboration!

I’m most excited to meet people that appreciate my work.  You guys make my world go round and it’s a humbling experience to get to talk with you all.  To talk with people that get excited about my stuff is an honor, and I want to give each and every one of you a hug!

To learn more about RAW, check out the site.

Upcoming art show RAWartist

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