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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $40

Free Shipping on All Orders Over $40

Free Shipping on All Orders Over $40

5 Cute Back to School Supplies You Need

With the new school year here, having cute gear is top priority! Here are 5 essentials you're gonna want to spice up your school year.

Cute Air Fresheners

1. Adorable Air Fresheners

These are fresheners are a must have for your car or locker. They're perfect pops of color and give you a fresh scent when you need a pick me up.

Cute Illustrated Stationery

2. Cute and Colorful Stationery

You can't have enough notepads and notebooks to keep you organized this year! Pick something that fits your vibe to keep you creative and inspired while you tackle all your to-dos. 

Fun colorful tote bag

3.  A cute Tote To Go With Your Bag

Sometimes a backpack isn't the vibe. Use a colorful fun tote bag to carry smaller items. Perfect to replace a backpack, or go along with it for heavy duty days. 


4. The perfect pin for your Bag flair

Don't let that backpack be boring! Spice it up with pins and buttons to show style, color, and maybe a funny saying.

Fun Stickers Made by Artists

5. Stickers to cover everything!

The easiest way to personalize anything! Cover your laptop, waterbottle, notebooks, etc. Stickers make them all 'you' with your style, your colors, and your humor.