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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Bestie

Ah, Valentine’s Day. When every store is covered in pink and red hearts. There's a million different cards that say something cute to your significant other (or secret crush). BUT your bestie deserves something special too, doesn't she? She's the one who's got your back, listens to you, and is always down for a Sunday Funday. So if you're looking for valentines gift ideas for your bestie - don't worry, we've got you covered!

Here are four main gift categories with ideas to get you started.

Gifts For Her to Feel Fancy

Maybe your BFF likes luxury. Or maybe you just want to go all out with something fancy to make her feel special. I suggest getting her a nice pair of earrings. They’re made from high quality materials you can trust and your best friend will love them and get a lot of compliments for them whenever she wears them.

Not looking for cute earrings? Other fancy gift items could be luxury chocolates, a spa gift certificate, or maybe her favorite alcoholic drink.

Gifts For Her to Pamper Herself

Give her a gift to make her feel good. I suggest a cool pocket mirror that she can keep in the bathroom or her bag. They're unique and full of style, and something she'll use daily.

Not interested in a cute compact mirror? Maybe look at a pillow, some cute candles, or nice face masks.

Gifts For Her Hobbies

How about something practical she can use, like a cute notepad? These are perfect for goal crushing babes who are all about productivity and getting things done.

Not sure what her hobbies are? Think about what gets her excited when she talks. Perhaps she's a plant mom. Or maybe she loves puzzles. Does she love to cook or bake? These provide rabbit holes of ideas for you!

Gifts For Her to Decorate

How about a pop of color or her favorite illustration as an art print? These make perfect gifts for the girl who cares about her home style.

Not feeling like any of these cute art prints speak to her? Try something else that fits her aesthetic! A cute pillow, a colorful blanket, or even some aesthetic coffee mugs.


Valentine's day is not just about significant others. It's the perfect time to treat anyone special in your life! And best friends deserve all the spoiling. So think of your bestie this valentines' day and get her a gift she'll remember forever!