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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $40

Free Shipping on All Orders Over $40

Free Shipping on All Orders Over $40

5 Little Known Ways to Use A Decor Tray

Decor trays are a great way to add color and style to your home. And they're so versatile - you can use them in all kinds of ways! Add style and functionality to your home with these cute and affordable accessories!

We've got 5 different ways you can use these cute trays to spruce up your home. Keeping reading to get ideas for your space!

1) Jewelry tray on the counter or dresser. 

A fun catchall tray on your dresser, counter, or wherever you get ready. It can hold your jewelry in a bright fun spot that you won't forget on your way out! Helpful for staying organized and looking cute when you're in a hurry.

fun living room tray
2) Coffee table books and candles.

A great way to add some color to your living room space; you can place a tray on a stack of books to keep your candles safe. Make sure your space is cozy and inspiring!

fun charging station
3) Charging station for your phone, tablet and other electronics.

Perfect for holding electronics, you can turn this tray into a charging station. Add a bold pattern to your boring tech gear and stay creative.

colorful bathroom tray
4) Bathroom styling.

An easy bathroom add, the tray is the perfect size for soaps and lotions. You can easy add color and style to your bathroom without expensive remodels, painting, or permanent alterations.

5) Key holder next to the front door.

Add some color to your entry space. These trays are perfect for holding your keys, wallet, or any small items you don't want to forget before you leave. Perfect for small space and compact storage options!

Final thoughts

Decor trays are cute, functional, and easy to incorporate into your home's design scheme! Decor trays are great for adding color, texture, and style to your home. Use them in unexpected places and you'll have unique looking rooms that people will compliment you for.