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5 tips to be a great gift giver

The art of gift giving is often overlooked - but still a powerful way to show emotion, strengthen a relationship, and form a bond between people. A symbol of gratitude, affection, and appreciation. It may seem overwhelming, but it's easy to be known as the best gift giver around. And I've got some tips on how!

1. Think about the person

As with any project, start with the basics. Who, what, where, when, why. Who is the gift going to, what's your relationship to them, where/when will they get the gift, and why would they like the gift?

Use this as a starting point for brainstorming ideas and logistics. A good example would be your relative who loves to cook, but you don't know what they already have. Maybe a new recipe book to inspire them?

2. Listen before shopping

I often keep a running list of my favorite people's gift ideas in my phone. During normal days, if they mention something they want or like, I'll note it in the list. Then when it comes time to shop I have a full list of things they've said they want. 

It's strategic and smart! Often times people will forget they said they wanted something, so you'll surprise and delight them when you present the item for them to fall in love with again.

3. Use needs, inside jokes, or memories

This is a little harder, but often is worth the effort. Think back to warm memories you shared with them, or inside jokes that still make you both laugh. A nice gift that connects the memory or joke with the now is a great way to inspire positive emotions with the person.

For example: You and your bestie took an amazing vacation to the coast where she fell in love with the ocean. Surprise her with a beautiful home decor print of the beach she loved. Sentimental gifts are prefect for strengthening relationships.

4. Don't rely on occasions

If you're looking to be known as an amazing gift giver - don't just wait for birthdays. Sometimes the best occasion is no occasion at all. Those tiny gestures that come from out of the blue tell the receiver, "hey I appreciate you. I thought of you. I care about you."

This type of gift giving is much more common in cultures like Korea. Where the act of gift giving is a staple to show gratitude for any act of kindness. It's a sign of respect to others; so presentation and thoughtfulness are key!

5. If all else fails, ask!

There's no shame in not knowing or not being able to come up with ideas every time. Because it's important to you, you want to get it right! So don't be afraid to ask for help. Maybe you can go to a friend or family member for ideas. Or perhaps a colleague. Or even the person themselves. 

The key is not to stress about it; as that defeats the purpose. Remember your goal: share a gift to let the person know you care about them. You may not hit the mark every time with the actual gift - but as long as it's clear it's from the heart, you'll always be known as a good gift giver.