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5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween During Covid

Halloween is going to look different this year and we're hearing a lot of people concerned it won't have the same special feeling. The good news is that while we may be socially distancing - we can still celebrate the fun with our family and friends! It just means we need to get creative.


Today we've got 5 ways you can celebrate a fun Halloween while maintaining safe social distancing.


1. Throw a Halloween Zoom party

While some of us may be experiencing zoom burnout - it's still one of the best ways to connect with others and have fun while maintaining distance. You can wear costumes, play halloween trivia games, and get creative with zoom backgrounds. So invite everyone! Send cute digital invitations via email or social media by using Canva.

2. Prepare a Spooky fun Halloween feast

If you're looking for something more low-key; how about a spooky themed halloween meal? Pinterest has tons of fun platters, meals, and deserts you can make. I'm personally totally making halloween themed charcuterie boards this year!

3. Tour Halloween Porch Decorations

One of my favorite halloween activities is seeing all the great yard decorations. Being social distant gives you the perfect reason to take a car tour of some of the fantastic neighborhoods around your town! Do some googling, ask on social, and get recommendations for who's gone all out - and plan your route!

4. Halloween Movie Marathon

Perhaps one of my personal favorites, every year I like to plan a Halloween movie night. I'll pick a selection of movies based on a theme (witches? zombies? ghosts? Dark comedy?) and enjoy the evening with snacks. You can include others (virtually) this year by hosting a watch party, or simply sharing your playlist online and inviting others to share theirs! The more the merrier when it comes to spooky movie recommendations!

5. Send Spooky Gift Baskets

We've already written about some great spooky gift basket ideas you can make. I think a fantastic way to send someone some holiday spirit without being there in person is to a gift in the mail! You'll have fun planning the perfect basket of all things they would enjoy. And it'll be a holiday they'll never forget! Try something as simple as a halloween card, or go all out with a halloween stationery bundle. 


If you're not too sure how to celebrate Halloween curing covid this year - don't worry. While we all may be social distancing - we can still uphold or create special traditions that keep the joy of the season alive!

5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween during Covid