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My Halloween Collection Release Is Here!

My newest collection is here and it's near and dear to my heart. With Halloween just around the corner, I wanted to provide you with some spooky cute stationery and gifts to share with people you love! 

I've pulled a small assortment of photos to showcase the collection here, but make sure you head over to the shop to see all the latest paper goods, gifts, and accessories. I put my heart into this collection and I hope you love it as much as I do!

What Inspired The Halloween Stationery Collection

This year's theme is vintage and retro inspired. We're talking fun vintage trick or treat vibes, mid century modern illustrations, and cozy fall aesthetics. In all the items you know and love: notebooks, cards, pins, stickers, and more!

I wanted you to feel the warm nostalgia from halloweens as a kid. The sense of wonder we all had seeing the fun costumes, adventurous haunted houses and yard displays, and the sheer triumph that came with you surveyed your trick or treat bag at the end of the night!

Those times were filled with joy and wonder, which is a feeling that can be hard to find again as an adult. Hopefully these small treasures inspire and create a moment of delight and whimsy - which you can share with others. 

Halloween Stationery Preview

How I decided the products and illustrations for the Halloween Stationery

I've been toying with different illustrations and cartoons for months. It was tough to narrow down to the final 4 patterns and 2 motifs. I sketched all my favorite halloween imagery - ghosts, skeletons and bones, pumpkins, and bats. I even tried to push my own boundaries by trying stuff I usually shy away from - specially houses and cars. I think the hearse pin might be one of my favorite pin designs; and I fell in love with the haunted house keychain!

My Favorite Design

It's so hard to pick my favorite item from the Halloween Collection - I truly put my heart into them all. But if I was forced to play favorites - I'm really pleased with the halloween greeting cards! I think the illustrations are strong, cute, and really inspires halloween trick or treating nostalgia for me. Plus I think of lost art of sending someone a thoughtful card is worth resurrecting - especially during 2020 where we can't get together like we used to. I'm happy to help fulfill that need!

Weird Fact About Me

I'll end this with a weird girl fact about me. The weirdest costume I ever had for halloween was when I went as Jeannie from "I dream of Jeannie". First off I was way too young to understand the allure of the genie costume she wore (I think I was 10). I only remember thinking her bottle home was amazing with those colors and so much fabric. But I had a relative make me the costume by hand so it was authentic looking. In my youth she was just the closest thing to a witch - but cute. Which was exactly what I dreamt of. So even as a I child I wanted a dreamy, mystical, fun lifestyle - even if I didn't understand the details!

I hope you enjoy the 2020 halloween collection of goodies hand illustrated by me. Thank you for supporting small artists and shop the collection while it's available!

Halloween Collection Trick or Treat Gifts